Volunteer Opportunities

Do you enjoy working with others, support ethical land stewardship and want to give back to support the Landscape Arboretum at Winona State University?

Become a Friend of the Landscape Arboretum

Consider volunteering to be a Friend of the Landscape Arboretum! Depending on your interests and the needs of the Landscape Arboretum, Friends of the Landscape Arboretum can help with:

  • Planting and maintaining the beauty of the Landscape Arboretum
  • Giving tours of the landscape arboretum
  • Helping with Arbor Day celebrations and other events and activities planned by the WSU Arboretum and Land Stewardship Committee

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, fill out the Volunteer Application form (PDF) and email the completed application to the Landscape Arboretum Director at nathan.anderson@winona.edu.

Apply to Become the Volunteer Coordinator for the Friends of the Landscape Arboretum

At this time, we are also seeking a motivated, qualified volunteer to be Volunteer Coordinator for the Friends of the Landscape Arboretum. Please see below for the position description and other information regarding this volunteer opportunity.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, send an email request for the Volunteer Coordinator Application form to the Landscape Arboretum Director at 507.457.5045.

The Friends of the Landscape Arboretum Volunteer Coordinator will develop and coordinate a volunteer program for the Landscape Arboretum in accordance with the Volunteer Coordination Program for the Friends of the Landscape Arboretum, approved by the WSU administration in 2014. This is an unpaid, volunteer position that reports to, and coordinates with, the All-University Arboretum and Land Stewardship Committee and the Arboretum and Land Stewardship Director of Winona State University.

  • Communicate the vision of the Arboretum and the important role of the Friends of the Arboretum
  • Consult with the All-University Arboretum and Land Stewardship Committee and the Arboretum
  • Director regarding volunteer needs and requirements for upcoming Arboretum activities and events.
  • Promote the Friends of the Arboretum and coordinate recruitment of new volunteers with outreach to
  • WSU and the Winona-area community through the Arboretum website, media (i.e. email, news releases, Facebook etc.) and university and community organizations
  • Coordinate the volunteer application review and approval process; respond to inquiries about volunteer opportunities and submitted applications in a timely, hospitable manner
  • Ensure that all volunteers complete and submit the approved and required waivers, release and indemnification agreements
  • Coordinate with the Facilities staff to maintain paper and electronic files for all volunteer activities and individual volunteers, including volunteer activity descriptions, volunteer applications, signed waivers, releases and indemnification agreements, sign-in sheets or attendance rosters
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive volunteer program for the recruitment, selection, training, evaluation and acknowledgement of Arboretum volunteers
  • Work within a budget as assigned by the Committee
  • Self-starter; able to work independently with minimal direction
  • Attention to detail and excellent problem-solving capabilities
  • Flexible collaborator, ready to contribute and adjust as required
  • Ability to build strong relationships with new people and the organization
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Experience with and access to a personal computer, the Internet and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Personable and confident communicator who is patient and positive at all times
  • Interest in environmental issues is an asset
  • Preference given to applicants with prior experience working with volunteers
Estimated average of six to eight hours per week (more or less), depending on the season and volunteer activities scheduled. The Volunteer Coordinator work schedule, with the exception of scheduled volunteer activities and Arboretum Committee meetings, is flexible.

The work environment will include:

  • Indoors
  • Lifting
  • Outdoors
  • Working individually
  • Sitting
  • Working as part of a team
  • Standing/Bending

It may also include working with children.

The successful candidate for this position will benefit by:

  • Providing leadership through volunteer programming, to develop the WSU Arboretum as a “living laboratory and classroom” for student and faculty research as well as for public enjoyment, recreation and education within the region
  • Gaining valuable experience establishing campus and community connections benefiting the WSU Arboretum
  • Learning about and contributing to sustainable horticultural and ethical land stewardship practices on the WSU campus
It is the policy of Winona State University and the Landscape Arboretum to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability. Volunteers are not eligible for compensation, workers’ compensation, employee benefits or travel an expenses. Volunteers are subject to reference and background checks, compliance with the policies and procedures of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, signing a Waiver, Release and Indemnification Agreement, and completing orientation and training.