Elementary students ask questions about campus trees

Upcoming Activities

The WSU Arboretum offers events, seminars, workshops, and short courses throughout the year on a wide range of environmental topics including:

  • landscape design and maintenance
  • gardening
  • arboriculture and horticulture
  • sustainable land-use practices

Arbor Day Events

Guided Tree & Garden Tours

Tours can be tailored to your specific interests or educational purposes. The tour may include descriptions of trees, gardens and plans for the future.

Learn more information about trees and plants you might want to plant at home, hear about current issues with invasive pests or plants and get your personal tree and garden questions answered.

Tours are open to WSU classes, the public, school groups, gardeners, youth groups and more. In the event of inclement weather, talks from an indoor location will be substituted.

To arrange a guided tour, contact the Landscape Arboretum Director at 507.457.5045.

Self-Guided Tree Tours

Bring your smartphone and access more information on labeled trees via the QR codes on tree signage. 

Self-guided campus tree tours are available by visiting the mobile WSU Arboretum website or by downloading your favorite QR Code reader from your smartphone's app store.