Degree Options in Data Science

B.S. in Data Science (DSCI) (59-60 S.H.)
DSCI 4-Year Map (PDF)
Minor in Data Science (DSCI) (25 S.H.) 

First in the Midwest

Winona State University has created the first undergraduate program in Data Science in the upper Midwest.

This degree program requires knowledge from statistics, computer science, and a domain-specific application area. This program was developed in consultation with several industry partners which ensures graduates will have the skills necessary to meet the rapidly growing demand for data scientists.

Program Features

  • First Data Science program in the upper Midwest
  • New and innovative curriculum that has received national attention
  • Learn how to turn data into knowledge and make a difference
  • 190,000 is the projected shortfall in trained data scientist by 2018
  • Students utilize the same data technologies as working professionals

Why Winona State

Winona State has received much attention over the past 20 years for their innovative and dynamic undergraduate statistics curriculum.  The Data Science program was developed to complement the existing statistics and computer science programs at Winona State.  This new curriculum was developed in collaboration with representatives from industry that employ data scientists which will ensure graduates attain the skills necessary to be successful as data scientists. This new curriculum has received the attention of many other universities around the country.