Students in Business Engagement Center


The Department of Marketing offers one major and two minor programs for undergraduate students who are interested in careers in business, government, and other organizations.

These programs will also prepare you for advanced study of marketing and business at the graduate level.

All three programs require admission to the College of Business prior, so make sure to review application requirements.

Marketing Major

Become a marketer to not only understand why customers select certain products or services, but also create and deliver valuable messages to the market.

Learn more about the Marketing major.

Marketing Minor

With the Marketing minor, you’ll learn the essential skills to market a company’s products and services through various creative communications.

Professional Selling Minor

Whether you’re selling an idea, a product, a service, or even your own talents to a potential employer, skills in sales are crucial to help meet others’ needs.

The Professional Selling minor focuses on the art of sales and prepares you to become a successful sales professional.