Chinese Learning Opportunities at Winona State

  • Chinese classes from Beginning level CHIN 101 up to Advanced level CHIN 302
  • The only Chinese studies minor in the Minnesota State system - a good combination with other majors
  • A Summer Internship Program working with Shanghai Industries Group (SIG ) in Shanghai, China for six weeks
  • Study abroad programs in Tianjin, Shanghai in Mainland China, HKU in Hong Kong and TKU in Taiwan.
  • Assistance with application for Chinese government full scholarship to study abroad in China
  • Summer Faculty-led Travel program to China
  • Fun Chinese cultural activities and events (Moon festival, Spring festival) on campus
  • Weekly Chinese Corner (language exchange) Tea Party
  • Free Chinese tutoring service on campus
  • Annual Cultural Field Trips to various places
  • Language partnership with native speakers of Chinese on campus

Reasons to Study Chinese

  • It’s the number one spoken language in the world.
  • Chinese economic growth rate is among the fastest in the world.
  • It could help you in your career.
  • Demand for people who can speak Mandarin Chinese is increasing among businesses.
  • It can give you a competitive edge against other job candidates.
  • It is mentally stimulating, interesting and fun.
  • It gives you an opportunity to learn about Chinese culture, literature, cuisine, music, film, dance, art, religion and philosophy.
  • It improves your mental power.

View the current Chinese courses taught in the GSWL Department.

If you have studied Chinese before and wish to enroll at a level suitable for you, you can take the free Chinese placement exam online.

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