Ethnic Studies Minor

Bringing together scholarship and social justice.

Ethnic Studies entails a multidisciplinary, intersectional approach to examining social identities, political ideologies and institutions, with specific attention to understanding ethnicity, ethnic identities and concepts of race.

The WSU Ethnic Studies program centers on the contributions and perspectives of various ethnic groups in the United States.

Why Ethnic Studies?

In today’s global environment, many careers involve working with diverse communities and with people from diverse cultures.

Graduates with an Ethnic Studies Minor will be able to recognize diverse perspectives, have an understanding of power relations and be familiar with appropriate and effective tools leading to social transformation.

Add Value to Your Major with an Ethnic Studies Minor

Students may combine the Ethnic Studies Minor with a variety of majors, including Finance, Nursing, Political Science, Criminal Justice, History or Communication Studies.

The minor also prepares students well for careers in the teaching profession or in law or medicine.

Check to see whether coursework toward your major also counts toward the Ethnic Studies Minor.

Students in the Ethnic Studies Program

  • Build analytical skills and language skills that enable them to thoughtfully consider issues of policy, equity and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
  • Analyze ways that history has impacted present circumstances.

Ethnic Studies involves rigorous intellectual scholarship and civic engagement for social justice.