Advising for Majors & Minors

Whether you’re taking your first English course or your last English course, we want you to know that you aren’t alone as you navigate your way through your program.

We offer many advising resources for English majors and minors to help ensure you achieve a balanced class load and a timely graduation date.

Know Your Resources

Degree Audit

For starters, make sure to consult your Degree Audit on eServices regularly.

This report documents all the courses you’ve taken and your corresponding grades, the courses you’re currently taking, and the courses you need to take to fulfill your program and/or general University graduation requirements.

It’s important that you check your Degree Audit multiple times each year to verify your progress and to note any errors as soon as possible.

Academic Adviser

Each English major and minor is assigned an adviser from the department after completing an online Declare a Major/Minor form. (You’ll need your StarID to login.)

Your adviser will be able to help you choose the right classes, plan your schedule semester by semester, and give you your registration code.

Attend Group Advising

All English majors and minors are encouraged to attend group advising sessions to plan for the upcoming registration session.

At group advising, you’ll receive individual advice from English Department faculty and your peers.

We recommend you bring a recent copy of your Degree Audit and your program plan to guide your advising session.

Special Note to Transfer Students

If you’re a transfer student, you’ll have a smooth transition into the English Department.

The first thing that happens in the transfer process is WSU Admissions will look at the previous courses a transfer student has taken, determine the equivalencies for WSU credit, and create a Degree Audit.

You’ll then meet with Dr. Ann-Marie Dunbar, the English Department chair.

She’ll work with you to evaluate any English classes you completed at other institutions for which you’d like to transfer credit to WSU. Make sure to bring your Degree Audit and course syllabi for transfer courses.