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Web Communications

Winona State's Integrated Web Services Hub

Your website is your electronic gateway to the world. Our number one goal is to help you create a website that gets results. After all, it's one of your most powerful communication tools, why not make it your best?

We can help you create and craft an online presence -- through web, social media, blogs, and email -- that connects with and engages your audience. Let's get to work.

Partnership-Based Web Updates

Bid farewell to the technical back end of managing your website. In this partnership-based model you will continue to craft and shape your web content while Web Communications staff carries out the rest, including:

  • OpenText Management – avoids technical errors and reduces departmental and IT resources spent on training
  • Communications – ensures all content communicates clearly with the intended audience
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- makes sure site visitors can find the departments and information they are seeking
  • Standards & Best Practices­ -- ensures all WSU web pages are in compliance with World Wide Web and accessibility standards, as well as WSU’s web standards and best practices
  • Usability ­ -- ensures site visitors can navigate department websites intuitively, finding the information they are seeking as quickly and easily as possible

Social Media & Blogs

Snapchat, Facebook and blogs have essentially taken over the interwebs. We'll help you determine which social media platform is right for your message and audience, develop a social media strategy and offer "community manager" training.

If you already have a Facebook page, Twitter account or other social profile, please use the "Connect with Social" option on the MarComm OneStop request form to connect with us. The Web Communications team can help you develop an effective social media strategy, smooth transition between account managers and more.

Web Promotion

The Web Communications team can help you find the best web channels to promote your people, programs, events or information.

Training & Resources

We've all known the frustration of trying to find our way through cluttered websites. Our staff will teach you how to create a user-friendly website that is well-organized, relevant, helpful, engaging and optimized for search.

How to Request Services

You can request updates to your website through the "Update the Website" option on the MarComm OneStop request form.

If you're interested in developing a social media strategy or starting a new social account for your department, choose the "Connect with Social" option.

Explore your options to promote an event, share your story across campus media channels, discuss your project and more. If you have questions, visit the FAQs page.