Manage Your Account with GET

GET is your online tool for managing your Purple Pass account and tracking all Purple Pass, Dining Dollars and meal plan transactions on your Warrior ID card.

As a student, faculty or staff member, you can deposit money into Purple Pass using your GET account. Friends and family members can also make guest deposits.

GET provides valuable information about account balances, transaction details, and spending history. Each time you swipe your card for products and services on campus, GET tracks all your card spending and reports on transaction details such as:

  • date and time
  • location of the on campus vendor
  • dollar amount spent or activity where your card was used

With built-in security measures, you can reset your password at any time, report your card lost/found, report your cellphone lost/found.

Sign up for GET or make a guest deposit today!

Make a Purple Pass Deposit

To make a deposit into Purple Pass, follow these links to login to GET:

Need Help with GET?

Any questions regarding GET should be directed to the Campus Card Office at 507.457.2480 or