The Business of Healthcare

The Business of Healthcare is an interprofessional faculty-led study abroad program in Paris open to all College of Business, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and any other students interested in learning about healthcare in a foreign country.

Because healthcare doesn't exist in a vacuum, this course brings together major aspects of healthcare and how each aspect interacts in an international context.

Major topics include: healthcare infrastructure including integrative health and public health, as well as mental health, nutrition, exercise, service, advertising, and more.

This year's faculty-led program will be held in May 2023.

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Why Paris?

The U.S. and France have different social and economic systems and different healthcare and hospital systems. As such, a comparison between French healthcare and US healthcare with a business/marketing/advertising lens will assist students in understanding the complexities of healthcare globally.

Students will receive information about French healthcare and its similarities and differences to US healthcare prior to departure. They will have several opportunities to visit various healthcare institutions, speak with local experts/residents and complete a windshield survey of Paris.

There is a language barrier, so students will need to have a basic French lesson prior to the trip. However, speaking English is a common practice in Paris. Students will also have their first lesson in Paris about health and safety in Paris.

Course Information

Required course: HADM 376 (three credits)

  • Counts as an elective in MKTG, BUSA, MIS, and HR.
  • Counts as credits toward students earning 150 credits in the ACTG degree.
  • Counts as credits toward students earning 120 credits for graduation.
  • This course may count as an elective for your major.

Talk with your academic advisor to learn more.

Optional Independent Study

Three credits may be available from your major

  • Taking the optional independent study for three credits as part of this program will bring students to six credits in the summer term.
  • This qualifies as a full load and would allow students to qualify for summer financial aid.

If interested in exploring this option, please contact the instructors directly at and


This program will likely cost $5,200-$6,200 depending on the participant min/max numbers. This amount includes:

  • Two meals per day, with the exception of the free day.
  • Accommodations, entry fees, company visits and briefings.
  • International and local transportation.
  • 24-hour emergency contacts and local guides.
  • Health and safety briefing and orientation.
  • Tuition and fees for the 3-credit HADM 376 course.

To apply, visit the Business of Healthcare in Paris program website.

Application help can be found in this step-by-step application instructions (PDF).

Financial aid may be available to eligible students.

For questions about the faculty-led program application, please contact Kathy Jicinsky, Assistant Director of Study Abroad for Faculty-led Programs, at

Check out our informational video from Business professor Dr. Jana Craft and Nursing professor Dr. Amy Koehler.