Support the Cal Fremling

The Mississippi River is a unique resource and one most worthy of education and conservation. WSU’s Dr. Calvin R. Fremling Floating Interpretive Center & Classroom is much more than a boat.

It’s a partnership of students, educators, organizations, businesses, individuals and community groups who share a commitment to the River that flows through our landscape and our lives. It’s about creating relationships, not only with the river, but with those who share the same passion for the mighty Mississippi.

It’s also an opportunity to honor the legacy of Dr. Calvin Fremling-- a man who devoted his life to the Mississippi River habitat and was passionate about educating future generations about his greatest passion.

A Gift to Future Generations

Become a part of this project that will educate, inspire, preserve and provide opportunities for future generations. Make an investment in the future of the Mississippi River by partnering with Winona State University.

You can make a difference by supporting a project that will educate, inspire and encourage collaboration throughout the region.

Make a greater impact by making a pledge over three-five years. Make your gift online or contact the office of University Advancement to learn more about how you can make a gift to this project.