Education on the River

A Tested Educational Tool

The new Dr. Calvin R. Fremling Floating Interpretive Center & Classroom will enable WSU faculty and staff to inspire and educate future generations about the significance of the River, providing experiential learning opportunities through varied curriculums. We will seek greater knowledge of the history, environment, literature, natural and social sciences, folklore, visual and performing arts and economics of the Mississippi River through research, teaching and outreach.

WSU’s mission

Our mission is to provide distinctive, high-quality education that emphasizes academic competence, personal responsibility and the application of knowledge to improving our world. The acquisition of a new state-of-the-art floating interpretive center and classroom vessel will enable WSU to provide rich, hands-on educational and interpretive experiences about the Mississippi River to thousands of students of every age within the region. Greater awareness and stewardship of the River as a national resource is expected.

Hands-on River Experiences

Past experience has shown many and varied hands- on learning experiences on the River can be provided. For example, faculty in the Colleges of Education involved both pre and in-service teachers on interpretive excursions regarding instruction on environmental curriculum design. Also, education and science faculty collaborated to host various K-12 classes in “Project Wet,” “Project Wild,” and “Project Aquatic Wild” activities on the River that involved water sampling and identification of species among other things.

Over fifteen academic programs and departments

Further, the College of Liberal Arts faculty teach courses on photography, literature, theatre, and the sociology of the environment while on board. In some cases, overnight trips can be scheduled that engage students more completely with studying a variety of aspects of the River ecosystem.

Over fifteen academic programs and departments within WSU can utilize the Cal Fremling vessel to enhance learning opportunities.