Advising on Study Abroad Programs

Many students are interested in traveling abroad to study in another country during their college career at WSU.

The Study Abroad website will help you get a good overview of the differences between faculty-led travel programs and semester or academic year study abroad programs.

Here are some tips to help you talk about study abroad opportunities with your advisee.

There are many reasons why students should have an off-campus study away experience, such as: There are many reasons why students should have an off-campus study away experience, such as:

  • It has a direct impact on future employability since research shows that employers increasingly are looking to hire people with some international experience.
  • It is more affordable than most students think, and their financial aid is applied to the cost of the program.
  • It is a great investment academically, personally and professionally.
  • It is academic as credits transfer back and count toward their degree. 

Good things to talk about with your advisees include:

  • What are their goals for study away?
  • Are they hoping to meet general education or major requirements? Are they interested in studying something they couldn’t otherwise get at WSU?
  • Are they just interested in seeing a certain part of the world? Do they want to learn – or improve – a language?
  • When would be best to go?

If their choice will impact their graduation date, help them weigh the benefits of the experience against the drawbacks of extending their degree plan, or plan for a better timeframe to go.

Help them understand why global perspectives are important for them to develop, and even why it might be important in terms of the discipline in which they are majoring.

As an advisor, you are not expected to know everything about every study away program available. That’s what the Study Abroad staff are for.

Feel free to call 507.457.5081 if you have questions while a student is there in your office. You can also email for more information or visit the Study Abroad website.

Also, you are encouraged to refer all students to the Advising Services office for the most comprehensive advising about study away programs. They can sign up for an appointment with a peer advisor who is trained to answer questions and help students plan for the application process.