Student Accommodation Procedures

Various accommodations are provided free of charge to qualified WSU students to gain equal access to their classes.  To get a printable copy of all Access Services procedures, go to the Access Services Student Handbook.

Each semester, you’ll need to submit a request form through the Access Services Student Dashboard for each class in which you would like to receive accommodations.

You may do that any time after registration when your schedule is finalized.  Your professor will be notified of your eligibility via email.

Students wishing to take their exams in Access Services must schedule their time at least 3 business days in advance. You are expected to take your exam at the same time as the class, so any variances must be discussed in advance with your professor.  We recommend scheduling all your exams for the semester at the beginning so that you don’t miss a deadline later.  Consult the student handbook (PDF) for a detailed list of testing policies and procedures.

Students taking exams in Access Services should follow these steps in the Access Services Student Dashboard:

  • Enter your StarID and password if you get a pop-up box.
  • Select Test Dashboard, then "New Test Request".
  • Choose a valid time between 8am and 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.
  • You have until 4:29pm today to sign up for an exam that is 3 business days from today.
  • Complete all the fields and click “Submit”.
  • Sign up for all exams at the beginning of the semester so you don’t miss deadlines.
  • Contact Access Services at if the date or time needs to be changed.

You can also see which exams you’ve scheduled to take in the Access Services Student Dashboard.

For more detailed instructions, please consult the Access Services Student Handbook (PDF).

Access Services relies on the use of technology to assist students with their note taking needs.

Evernote and OneNote are available at no cost to WSU students to use on their laptops, and students may record a lecture for future playback.

Books are available in alternate formats for qualified students to assist them in the successful completion of their classes. Eligible students will submit their requests each semester on their accommodation request form and will meet with the Technology Specialist to get their books at the start of each semester. Students must provide proof of purchase of their books to meet copyright laws of publishers.
In some cases, students with disabilities may record their class lectures. The student is responsible for the set-up of the equipment and for the recording of the lecture. Once recorded, it may not be shared with other students. All files are to be erased, deleted, or destroyed at the end of the semester.

Access Services will arrange for an interpreter to be present in the classroom and other class-related activities, such as small groups or a meeting with a faculty member.

This grievance process shall apply to situations where a student has followed the established procedures to request accommodations on the basis of disability and the request has been denied or otherwise not provided.