Student Confidentiality

All students served by Winona State University are entitled to the right to confidentiality of all records, communications and identity.

Employees and consultants of Winona State University may have access to student files and related academic information. Therefore, all legal and ethical restrictions and policies of Winona State University apply to data confidentiality.

Disclosure of any student information to anyone--including a student, friend, spouse, multi-media, social networking, website, blog, or wiki, whether for personal or professional use-- could be a breach of confidentiality.

Disclosure of any student information by faculty, staff, or other University employees without a legitimate educational interest or a signed student release may also be a breach of confidentiality.

Any breach of confidentiality, misuse of information, and/or unauthorized release of information may result in disciplinary action or discontinuation of employment from Winona State University.

Learn more about student data privacy requirements.


Report Misuse of Student Information

If you have reason to believe that the confidentiality of a WSU student has been compromised, you must notify your supervisor immediately.