Early Intervention Program (EIP)

WSU uses a retention tool called the Early Intervention program or EIP. This program was developed in the spring of 2018 as a response from faculty to improve on the Academic Progress Reporting System (APRS)that was in place for several years.

Faculty in the Enrollment Management Committee and on the Advising Task Force asked for a more comprehensive program that would be more effective. They asked for the following changes:

  • That the EIP include a way to alert academic touch points to concerns they had about any student on campus
  • That the EIP come out sooner than the eighth week or mid-term
  • That faculty advisors be given the chance to also reach out to students that may be struggling
  • That the form is available throughout the semester, so a report can be filed on any student as soon as concerns arise
  • That faculty receive some feedback that their concerns were being addressed

To that end, the EIP was developed and went live in the fall of 2018 encompassing all the above.

Teaching faculty receive an email directing them to WarriorSpace where they can report on any student in any of their courses that they have academic concerns such as missing classes, not doing assignments, poor test/quiz results, not understanding course materials and more.

Once a report is submitted, comments and concerns will be forwarded to the students’ assigned academic advisor and any other touch point (supplemental advisors) that the student may be connected with (Warrior Success Center, Athletics, Housing and Residential Life, Inclusion and Diversity, TRIO, etc.) for further follow up with the student.

This follow up is completed through a form on WarriorSpace and faculty get information on the student, and also have the ability to see what outreach has been done already.

Some key points to remember:

Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional questions or concerns, contact Ron Strege, Director, Warrior Success Center at Rstrege@winona.edu

Early each semester you will receive an email from the Warrior Success Center directing you to WarriorSpace where you will be able to submit academic concerns through the EIP.

You will be able to access this system and submit a concern for any student in any of your classes throughout the semester.

When the faculty advisor and/or other WSU professionals associated with the student respond to the EIP submission, you will be notified via email.

Because the system operates through BP Logix, you will be able to log in and see who you have reported through each semester.

You will receive an email alerting you that a student on your advisee list has had an EIP submission. The email will contain a link that will give you specific information about the student and you will see which professor submitted the concern and what the main issues are.

We ask that you please contact the student via email and ask them to come in during office hours or provide tips of success in the email you send.

Tips you can share include but are not limited to:

  • Tutoring Services
  • The Warrior Success Center
  • Access Services
  • Faculty office hours
  • TRIO

For this program to succeed as a retention tool, applying a more intrusive advising model is encouraged.

After you connect with the student, please return to WarriorSpace and record the interaction.

The reporting faculty will be sent an email alerting them that the student was contacted, and they will see that the system is working and that WSU cares about student success.

“Generation Z” students want interaction and they want lots of information--they are just not good at asking for information or help; especially in-person. They also thrive in an environment where a professor and/or advisor makes something “mandatory.”

In other words, if you tell them that something is necessary for class, or something is necessary for success, they tend to do it. Generation Z students also prefer a “co-existing” culture.

For students to see teaching faculty who care enough to involve other campus contact points, it becomes clear how much we care at WSU about student success.

The EIP is a tool where faculty/supplemental advisors can intervene early enough to make a difference in a student succeeding in a class and remaining at the university.