Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor Program

To earn a minor in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, a student must complete 12 credits of required courses and 9 credits of elective coursework.


Intersectional Feminist Inquiry and Histories

  • Analyze gender as it intersects with other relations of power such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender expression, class, nationality, religion, geography, ability and age.
  • Critically examine those things that they have been told are "common sense" and/or "natural."
  • Decenter dominant social, political and historical narratives.
  • Understand a range of past and present major issues pertaining to gender, such as:
    • Race and citizenship
    • LGBTQ+ politics
    • Reproductive justice
    • Media representation
    • Understandings of masculinities, femininities and gender as a spectrum
    • Racialization of gender and sexuality
    • Gender-based violence
    • Identity politics
    • Immigration
    • Civil rights
    • Human rights
    • Sex discrimination
    • Changing families
    • Environmental issues
    • Labor
    • Health disparities
    • Gender and science
    • Feminist anti-militarism

Engaging Social Justice

Students will understand how to make social change by:

  • Understanding their responsibilities and rights as citizens in local and global contexts.
  • Recognizing and accessing community networks when working for social change.
  • Advocating for praxis: bridging theory and action. 

Analytical Foundations

  • Students will use written and oral skills to analyze and respond to ways that institutions foster and/or eradicate social inequalities.
  • Students will use theoretical and scholarly language to critique dominant ideologies.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to develop and sustain a scholarly argument based on diverse evidence and methodologies.