Changing Class Schedules & Deployment

When you make changes to your class schedule, this needs to be documented with the Veterans Affairs Office so that there are no issues with your benefits.

Please reach out to Veterans Assistance Coordinator Mark Larsen at or 507.779.9375 before making any changes to your class schedule or leaving for deployment.

Mark will help you understand the impact these changes could cause-- especially financially.

Course Changes

If you want to add a class or drop a course, complete the Schedule Changes Form.

Keep in mind that dropping a course and withdrawing from WSU are different processes.

Also, you may not get a refund for tuition costs depending on how far the semester has progressed.


Here are the steps to take if you are called up for deployment. Thank you for your service to our country.


Notify the Veterans Affairs Office

Email or call 507.457.5109 to let us know:

  • that you are being deployed
  • when you will be leaving WSU

State Your Intent to Return

If you plan to return to WSU after your deployment, you must complete a re-enrollment form:


Return Your Laptop to Tech Support

Turn in your laptop to Tech Support within five business days.

If you delay, you may be charged the replacement cost per the Student eWarrior Technology Agreement.

Want to Keep Your Laptop?

If you plan to return to WSU and want to keep your laptop while you are deployed, you can do so.

You will have to pay the $485 technology fee per semester, however.

Contact Tech Support for more information.


Check in with Veterans Affairs when You Return

When your deployment ends and you’re ready to return to WSU, reach out the Veterans Affairs Office.

We’ll help you transition back to student life and pick up where you left off