Research & Creative Achievement

Research & Creative Achievement Day

The 2024 Research and Creative Achievement Day will be held on April 18. This is a day set aside to celebrate the work and achievements of undergraduate and graduate students on the Winona and Rochester campuses.

On this day, we will showcase student research and creative achievement through campus-wide, in-person, virtual, and pre-recorded research-related presentations, performances, exhibitions, and other department-sponsored events.

This day will allow students to participate more fully in celebrating research and creative accomplishments through participation in not only the Ramaley Celebration, but also other department and campus events.

Ramaley Celebration

The Ramaley Celebration will be one of many events happening on the Research and Creative Achievement Day.

The Ramaley Celebration is named for Judith Ramaley, the 14th president of Winona State University.

Dr. Ramaley continued to teach during her tenure as president, and she was an ardent supporter of student research and creative achievement as an integral part of the educational experience at WSU.

Ramaley Celebration 2024

April 18 | 9am-4pm
Kryzsko Ballroom

We invite all students (undergraduate and graduate) from the Winona and Rochester campuses who are interested in presenting:

  • research
  • performances
  • exhibitions
  • community achievement and outreach
  • other scholarly activities done in collaboration with WSU faculty

Faculty are also invited to present during the faculty symposium hour.

Research Poster Sessions

9-11am and 1-3pm

Students will present their posters in person within one-hour time blocks either during the morning or afternoon session.

Virtual Presentation Sessions

Pre-recorded sessions will be available for viewing on the Ramaley Celebration OpenRiver website.

Early-Year Research & Creative Mentoring Presentations Session


Students who completed the Early-Year Research and Creative Mentoring grants program will share their experiences in an in-person oral session.

Performance & Creative Scholarship Sessions

Sessions of music, performance, exhibition, or other scholarly achievement will be shared during in-person sessions throughout the day.

Faculty Symposium


Faculty are invited to submit abstracts of their research and creative scholarship to share during the faculty symposium.

This work can be independent work or work in which students are also contributors.

Check out the photos from last year's event: