How to Apply for RN-BS Completion

Review the steps to apply to the RN-BS Completion Program.


Apply to WSU and Submit Transcripts

Apply to Winona State University and submit official transcripts from all schools you previously attended to the WSU Office of Admissions.

There is a $20 application fee.


Get Admitted to the RN-BS Program

Once you receive your acceptance notification from WSU, including your Degree Audit Report, contact the RN-BS Program to set up an appointment with your academic advisor.

This should be done soon after you are accepted to the university. Do so by calling 507.285.7349 or emailing

You will be provided with your academic advisor's name and contact information to schedule a time to discuss plan of study and orientation to the program.

An RN license is required within the first semester (determined by advisor).

You can enroll in necessary electives or statistics, if needed prior to starting nursing courses.

A DARS cumulative GPA of 2.75 is required for admission into the RN-BS Completion Program.

The admission GPA may be calculated on the most recent five years of college coursework or the last 50 semester hours or credits of college work.

Student advising is done on a rolling basis, and seats are limited each semester.

Applicants are encouraged to apply early to secure a seat in the program for the semester they want to begin.

Applicants who received Associate degrees in nursing prior to 1985 and graduates of diploma nursing programs should contact the Nursing Department Chair at 507.280.2818.


Complete Remaining Requirements

You will receive your official acceptance letter from the department of nursing with the next steps.

You will sign up for Student Passport and complete all the necessary requirements for clinicals including immunizations, RN License, CPR and other important documents.

Lastly, you will sign up for classes. Please connect with your Nursing Advisor or the Administrative Assistant if you need anything.

We are here for you!