Become a Tutor or S2I Leader

Being a peer tutor or Supplement to Instruction (S2I) leader can be an extremely rewarding student employment opportunity.

As a peer tutor or S2I leader, you’ll:

  • enhance your problem-solving skills
  • help students become independent learners
  • gain valuable work experience while earning your degree

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What You'll Do as a Peer Tutor

Peer tutors are students who cover a wide range of curriculum within their most qualified subject area(s).

You can tutor students on a one-to-one basis and in small or large group sessions.

You’ll complete paid training to help you develop specific tutoring strategies.

Through your training, you'll also develop a wide range of transferable skills, such as public speaking, listening, leadership, and attention to detail.

This is a great credential to list on your resumé!

You’ll also set your tutor schedule and choose the type of tutoring sessions you want to have. On average, peer tutors work about eight hours per week.

What You'll Do as an S2I Leader

Supplement to Instruction (S2I) leaders are students who cover specific curriculum.

They have already taken the course or a similar upper-level course that they want to tutor for.

S2I leaders are often declared majors who are required to take the course they’re interested in tutoring.

These students are also highly recommended by faculty in the department.

You’ll attend the class lectures each week, so you know exactly what the instructor is covering.

And you’ll plan and lead regular study sessions outside of class time in small or large group sessions.

You’ll arrange your S2I schedule based on the class schedule.

S2I leaders work an average of nine hours per week.

Meet Minimum Requirements

Make sure you’re eligible to join the Tutoring Services team by meeting the following requirements.

You must:

  • have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale with a minimum of 32 credits completed (12 of which you must have completed at WSU).
  • have earned an A or B grade in any course you’re interested in tutoring.
  • be enrolled in at least six credits each semester you tutor.
  • have excellent communication skills.
  • are enthusiastic about working with students from diverse backgrounds and with varied skill levels.
  • have a completed recommendation form from a faculty member in each subject area you’d like to tutor.

Join Tutoring Services

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WSU faculty can also recommend tutors by completing an online survey.