Upcoming Themes

Theme Development Toolkit

Do you have an idea for the next University Theme? Here's what you need to know to develop a theme proposal.

Winona State University’s (WSU) mission is "to enhance the intellectual, social, cultural and economic vitality of the people and communities we serve."

As part of this mission, WSU has selected an annual theme since 2008-2009 to engage the extended university community in an exploration of timely and complex socially significant issues.

Each year a different theme is proposed by an interested group of faculty, students, staff, administrators, and community members.

Once selected, the group that proposed the theme leads the theme-related event planning and implementation processes, supported by the Learning and Community Engagement (LaCE) Committee. Reach out to Dr. Elissa Elzate at ealzate@winona.edu for more information about the application process.

A modest amount of funding is available to develop theme-related curricular and co-curricular programs and events.

A set of University Theme Goals provides the framework for all themes. The Overall Theme Structure page defines the processes and support mechanisms in place to implement the themes.

The Selection Process page outlines the timing for proposal submission to acceptance and includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions.