Get Involved with the Theme Year

The University Theme has something for everyone, and the purpose is to get students, staff, community members thinking about new ideas, talking to others, and trying out new things.

Here’s how you can get involved with the University Theme.

Follow the University Theme Facebook Page to learn about theme events and connect with others.

Attend Events

Throughout the academic year, many campus events will focus on building global connections, celebrating our diverse backgrounds and exploring opportunities around the world.

Browse the Theme Event Calendar.

Use the Theme in Your Classroom or Club

OR 100 Resources

The OR 100 D2L Sandbox provides videos and activities that Introduction to Higher Education instructors can use in their classrooms. Instructors may also contact Darcie Anderson at for more information or to request an in-class visit or presentation.


If you are interested in having one of the theme team members speak to your class or group, please email Darcie Anderson at or Brooke Boulton at

Describe the class or club that you are leading and let us know what types of information you would like us to share with them!

Host a Theme Event

If you want to organize and host an event for the theme, please follow these steps.

Use the Promote an Event form in MarComm Onestop to take advantage of all the on-campus promotion opportunities.

The Promote an Event form includes the option have your event listed on the University Theme Calendar.

To do this, simply select “University Theme” as your calendar category. Your event will now automatically show up on the Theme Event Calendar webpage.

If you wish to select more than one calendar category, list additional categories in the notes section on the form.

Use the Theme Graphic & Branding

To brand your event as part of the University theme, consider using theme graphics on any event posters, social media posts and other promotional materials.

For this year's theme, here are some graphics to consider using:

  • Icons:
    • Version 1 logo (JPG)
    • Version 2 logo (JPG)
    • Version 3 logo (JPG)
    • Version 4 logo (JPG)
    • Theme Logo
    • Social Media Graphics

    The theme will be using social media to showcase competence, share resources and promote events on the WSU University Theme Facebook page.