Student Resources

We’ve provided a number of resources to help you successfully navigate through the Theatre & Dance programs offered at Winona State University.

Career Ready

Handshake is WSU’s #1 job and internship search tool for students and alumni.

Also, check out WSU’s online interview practice tool,, for students and alumni. Video record your practice interviews!

Need job search assistance, schedule an appointment with a career advisor and check out these additional job search tools.

The Theatre & Dance Department offers a variety of scholarships each year.

Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega (APO) is a national honorary organization that recognizes outstanding leadership and commitment to the theatre. Members are selected on a point system based upon their theatre participation.

Alpha Psi Omega has enjoyed continuous national growth and, with over 600 casts, is the largest national honor society in America. Colleges and universities of recognized standing, having an established theatre program or theatre club for the purpose of producing plays, will be eligible for membership.

Dance Society

Dance Society meets every Monday night in the Gretchen Cohenour Dance Studio (MEM 300).

Runner-Up Improv Comedy Troupe

The club meets two times a week and rehearses improvisational exercises and games. They perform regularly both on and off campus. The club is student-organized and is dedicated to strengthening their technique and knowledge of the craft.

The Wenonah Players

The Wenonah Players Theatre Club is WSU's oldest, largest and most entertaining club on campus. Our membership goes beyond just theatre majors. As long as you have an interest in theatre, be it technically, performance or spectator, you can join! Meetings are Wednesdays at 4pm in the PAC Green Room.

Winona Improvisational Theatre (WIT)

If you like having spontaneous crazy fun, then Winona Improv Theatre (WIT) is for you! Think "Whose Line is It Anyway" meets WSU. Each week the Players and any other interested parties meet and have some good, mostly clean fun, usually at other people's expense, but always in a good way.

THAD Student employment

THAD student employment opportunities are open to all students, but we give preference to theatre or dance majors or minors.

The department currently employs approximately 12 students per year, including department office assistants, scenic and costume studio assistants, box office staff, properties managers and faculty assistants. Additional positions will be created as funding increases.

THAD positions:

  • 8-10 hours per week at the prevailing university pay rate.
  • Do not require demonstration of financial need (most positions).
  • Available to all students, but preference is given to theatre or dance majors/minors.
  • Offered to students who meet the qualifications for the position.