Damage & Theft Protection with Safeware

Roughly 33% of WSU students damage their devices or accessories every year. Most of those damages are from spills, which can cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

Why risk dropping, spilling or damaging your laptop? Protect your devices with Safeware Damage and Theft Protection Plan.

Safeware covers theft and accidental and/or unforeseeable damages including:

  • cracked screen
  • liquid spills
  • drops
  • cord splits or breaks

There are no deductibles and coverage is unlimited. Safeware covers issues caused by damage, which is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether you get caught in the rain or trip over your laptop cord, Safeware has you covered.

FAQs About Safeware Protection

Here are some of the common questions about Safeware. If you want to learn more, please contact safeware@winona.edu.

You can choose to purchase Safeware coverage when you pick up your devices. The charge for your purchase will be applied directly to your student account.

If you do not sign up right away, you still have 30 days to purchase coverage without inspection.

Safeware can still be purchased at any time after the initial 30 day window. However, you will have to bring your device into our authorized Service Center for an inspection first.
We negotiate pricing every semester based on all of our current laptop models. Pricing will vary based on laptop model and end of lease refresh date (indicated on sticker on bottom of your laptop). For financial planning, you can estimate $40 per semester or less.

Yes. As part of eWarrior Digital Life & Learning Program, your devices are covered for any manufacturer warranty issues.

Safeware offers protection for damage, such as cracked screens and spills, that would not be covered by the manufacturer warranty.

No, there are no deductibles for theft or damage. 

We want to make sure that you are covered from pick up to return. Under your normal laptop rotation, you will have your device for at least 24 months with overlap of two-three months, depending on when you first pick up your device and when you receive your refresh device in two years. Thus, a contract for 27 months ensures continuous coverage for your devices.

Safeware purchased out of the two year rotation is prorated by semester and will be adjusted accordingly, based on the date you purchase Safeware, and the time left before you rotate to your next laptop.
Within 30 days of your device pick up, you can receive a full refund as long as you haven't submitted any damage claims. After 30 days, but within the first year of coverage, refunds are prorated by semester.

Your Safeware coverage will transfer to your new device. 

Safeware coverage will end once your equipment is returned, and passes our quality assurance inspection. If damage is found, we cannot cancel and credit your account until a claim is filed and repair work is completed. Credits are prorated by semester and will be applied to your student account.
Come to the Technical Support Center in Somsen 207. We will repair the issue or swap you into another device of the same model and process your Safeware claim at no additional cost to you. Without Safeware protection, you would be assessed repair fees according to the eWarrior Tech Agreement.

Yes, if you accidentally rip, spill on or otherwise damage your laptop's charger cord you can bring the damaged charger to Tech support and receive a new one for free.

Yes, if your laptop's charger is stolen you can get a replacement for free, but you must file a police or Security report and bring a copy to tech support.

Please note: only charger theft is covered, not loss.

File a police report with the laptop's serial number as soon as possible and bring a full copy of it to Tech support. If a report isn't filed within 5 days of the theft, Safeware will not cover the claim.