Information Technology Services

Your trusted partner in your digital life.

Technology impacts nearly every aspect of our society, and it has become an integral part of higher education. Providing the technology-based foundation to prepare graduates for the 21st century workplace is at the core of Winona State University’s Information Technology Services (ITS). As a national leader* in the innovative and effective use of technology on campus, we offer a broad range of technology support to the WSU community. ITS enables students, faculty and staff to connect anytime, anywhere.

At WSU the entire campus is a learning space with access to worldwide information resources. Computer labs have given way to a wireless campus with more efficient teaching and learning spaces. Faculty can use innovative teaching strategies, knowing their students have access to mobile computing devices (laptops and tablets), software and apps.

* WSU was named one of the top 25 wireless college campuses in the United States in a 2013 survey conducted by the Center for Digital Education and Intel Corporation.

Information Security

Laptops, tablets and wireless learning spaces are gateways to a world of information and innovative teaching strategies. Unfortunately, great computing resources come with risk and can also open the door to hackers and criminals who want to gain access to your personal information. IT Services is responsible for minimizing those risks and protecting WSU’s digital assets and resources while supporting the university’s mission.

We strive to meet or exceed all state, federal and Minnesota State regulatory requirements and continually monitor our network for potential threats to connectivity and data security. Please visit the Information Security section of our website to learn more about our policies and procedures to minimize risk and ensure a reliable computing environment.