Who We Are

The office of Study Abroad believes in the transformative power of intercultural experiences. To that end, we have articulated Study Away Outcomes and Values, incorporating Winona State’s Strategic Directions.

As a result of their study away experience, a WSU student will be able to experience and explore:

  • Similarities and differences in people, worldview, and culture between their home community and their host community.
  • The interconnectedness of global perspectives or systems (e.g., political, cultural, environmental, economic, scientific, etc.)
  • The importance of language as a cultural tool and its significance to the host community.
  • One’s home culture as one of many diverse world cultures and that alternative perceptions and behaviors may be based in cultural differences.
  • The impact of their actions on others in the local and global community,
  • Cultural ambiguity in stepping outside of their comfort zone.
  • Assure the highest standard of academic excellence for all programs offered by Study Abroad.
  • Align study away with WSU curriculum and credit expectations.
  • Provide outstanding resources and support services for students.
  • Collaborate with institutional partners who demonstrate the infrastructure to support student success. 
  • Maintain affordability of off-campus study without sacrificing quality of the student experience
  • Promote sustainability and efficiency in all the work of Study Abroad
  • Promote inclusion and diversity in all work of Study Abroad.
  • Promote cross-cultural learning in all study away programs.
  • Broaden and deepen WSU partnerships with international institutions for mutual benefit.
  • Collaborate meaningfully with campus, community, national, and international partners in support of study away student learning and development. 

Study Abroad Staff


Kathy Jicinsky

Assistant Director, Faculty-Led Programs
Maxwell 143


Susan Niedzwiecki-Pham

Director, Study Away
Maxwell 105


Renee Stowell

Study Abroad Scholarship Coordinator
Maxwell 161

Study Abroad Peer Advisors

Not sure where you'd like to go or how to make it happen? Talk to one of our Peer Advisors.

Our Peer Advisors have experienced studying away for themselves. They've volunteered and been trained to talk to you about factors to consider in making your decision, such as major, cost, location, and language. Then, they can help you get started with the application process.

Schedule an appointment online or stop by Maxwell 105 today.


Nolan Koski

"Hello! I am a senior here at WSU, and this is my third semester working at the Study Abroad Office. I studied abroad in the Fall of 2022 in Prague, Czechia, and had an amazing experience.

As a peer advisor, I am really looking forward to working with fellow students who are interested in studying abroad and all the amazing things that come with it. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for me, and I know it will be for you too."


Megan Osero

"Hello! I am a junior at WSU majoring in Biology. I studied abroad in Sorrento, Italy, in the Spring of 2023 and loved it!

I'm super excited to be a peer advisor in the Study Abroad Office and encourage other students to study abroad. WSU offers so many opportunities to study abroad, and every single one of them is a unique experience. If you're interested in studying abroad, I would love to meet with you!"


Emma Roling

"Hi! I’m currently a peer advisor at the Study Abroad Office. It’s my fifth year at WSU as a Social Studies and Spanish Education major. I’m also earning a minor in Bicultural/Bilingual Education.

I studied abroad Fall 2022 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love sharing my experience and am so excited to help others on their study abroad journey as well. I firmly believe it's an experience everyone should have the chance to do. I learned 10 times as much studying abroad than in the classroom."