Funding for Clubs

All official student clubs and organizations at WSU can request a certain amount of funding per year from the Student Activity Fund (SAF).

This limit is determined by the age of the club, aka The Tier System as outlined in the Registered Student Organization (RSO) Policies (PDF):

  • First Tier Organization Fiscal Year of Operation: up to $500/year
  • Second Tier Organization Fiscal Year of Operation: up to $1,000/year
  • Third Tier Organization Fiscal Year of Operation: up to $1,500/year

Clubs older than three years may only request up to $1,500/year from the SAF.

The Tier System was implemented as of August 25, 2014. All clubs made after this date are sorted by age in the Tier System. All clubs established in the WSU Student Senate Club Directory before this date were given the $1,500/year limit.

No funds are automatic. You must submit a funding request each year and have the following documents on file:

  • A current club directory form
  • A current member roster
  • Current club Constitution
  • Most recent Semester Financial Review documents

Clubs leaders must also attend all Alliance of Student Organization meetings and the yearly Treasurer Workshop to receive any funds.

Clubs must request funds from the SAF through the Student Activity Fund Committee’s online funding request form. Any requests sent via email will not be considered unless the Treasurer confirms your request in a reply email.

You will need the following information to fill out the funding request form:

  • A fully itemized, detailed budget of your request in the format provided on the form
  • Confirmation that you have read the SAFC rules (PDF)

Here's an example of a detailed funding request:

An itemized list of club purchases with a description of what was purchased, how much, at what cost and why. 

The Student Activity Fund Committee (SAFC), which is made up of student senators, will review your club’s funding request. Clubs must allow SAFC up to 30 days to review funding requests.

The SAFC committee reviews the requests on a case-by-case basis to see that they follow the SAFC Rules (PDF). The committee reserves the right to demand more information while reviewing the request, provided via email or in person by the club.

All questions regarding this process can be directed to the Student Senate Treasurer at

How to Present in Front of Student Senate

Clubs, individual students, or unofficial student organizations can present in front of the Student Senate to request funds from the Student Activity Fund. Before presenting in front of Student Senate clubs, individual students, or unofficial student organizations will be required to fill out the Student Senate presentation form.   

Clubs will take this route if their funding request is something that cannot be funded by the SAFC due to their rules if the request is denied by the SAFC and the club is still seeking the funds, or their request is over the allotted amount the club can request from SAFC. 

You will need to know the following information before presenting in front of the Student Senate: 

  • Keep presentations to about 5 minutes long. 
  • Send any presentation materials to the Student Senate email ( so they can be shared with the senators and to ensure the materials work with our programs. 
  • Click here for an example of a slideshow. 
  • Here are some FAQs from the Senate to cover in your presentation
    • Do you have other sources of funding?
    • Have you done any fundraising? 
    • Have you put in any personal contributions?
    • What is the campus benefit of your event?
    • How many students will participate/benefit from this funding request?
    • How soon do you need the funds?  
    • What year is each attendee in?

All questions regarding this process can be directed to the Student Senate Treasurer at

Once approved for funding if you are purchasing items, there are certain Business Office procedures you can use to purchase that do not require paying for them out-of-pocket and then getting reimbursed.

If you have any questions, please contact your club/organization advisor or the Business Office.


Field Purchase Orders

Field Purchase Orders are used by some local businesses (grocery stores, food places, apparel printing businesses, etc.) and act as a check or a promissory note from the university. If you are not sure if the business accepts a field purchase order, please call ahead. These forms are now found on Warriorspace. Please follow this process for requesting and using a field purchase order:

  1. Fill out the request for a field purchase order that will then go to your advisor for approval. Make sure you know how much you are planning to spend.
  2. Once your advisor approves the request, you will receive a PDF copy of the actual field purchase order. You will take a part of it with you to the business when you purchase your items (instructions will be provided). Keep all receipts/invoices.
  3. After you have purchased your items, you will receive a request to upload your receipt/invoice to substantiate your purchase. Make sure this is either a PDF or JPG file type.
  4. If you have someone in your club/organization who tracks your budget closely, make sure they know how much you spent.


Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can be used to purchase items online or from businesses across the country. With your advisor, fill out a 1400 form and include a price quote, order form, or invoice. Submit the 1400 form and invoice or quote to the Business Office for them to finalize the purchase. After the items are received, the Business Office will issue payment to the business 

Purchasing Cards

If your club/organization does a lot of purchasing, your advisor may request a purchasing card that is issued in their name.

All reimbursements for expenses incurred by students must be made via a Student Reimbursement Form and be accompanied by itemized receipts for all expenses.

Expenditures that cannot be reimbursed:

  • Postage or shipping fees
  • Airline tickets
  • Salaries or honorariums for speakers, entertainers or other professional services

Reimbursement for Club Travel

Whenever your club travels off campus, you must get official permission to be in travel status. Complete the WSU Student & Club Organization Travel Plan and Roster and submit this to the appropriate advisor for approval.

If you don’t properly submit the travel plan and roster documentation, you may not get reimbursed by the Business Office.

Reimbursements need to be submitted on the Student Reimbursement form and delivered to the Business Office within five days of return travel.

Any club requesting assistance with travel must be sure the budget or cash balance of the group account is enough to cover the expenses of the trip. Funds must be in the club account before the Business Office can assist with any reservations.

Tips for Travel Purchases

  • Check with the vendor if they accept a purchase order for payment. If not, see it they will accept a University check upon arrival. In either case, submit a 1400 form listing the vendor and complete details of the payment to be made by Winona State.
  • If vendors won’t accept a purchase order or a check, students will have to seek reimbursement for the expenses after the event.
  • If university or fundraising funds in a university account are used for airline tickets, all tickets must be purchased by the Business Office on behalf of those traveling. Students cannot be reimbursed for airline tickets.

Cash Advance for Travel

Your club advisor may request a cash advance for the club by submitting the Cash Advance Request for Student Club & Organization Travel (PDF).

This must be submitted to the Business Office at least two business days before the event. A Cash Advance Settlement form must be submitted within five business days of trip completion to close out the advance.

Funding Request Report 

Funding Request Reports are forms that document how funds are being spent. All clubs that receive funds from the Student Activity Fund (SAF), either through the SAF Committee (SAF) or allocated from Student Senate, must document how they spent that money.

If your club has a fixed budget or did not receive any funding, you don’t have to submit a Funding Request report.

How to Submit the SAFC Funding Request Report

After submitting your funding request form or student senate presentation form, the individual who submitted the request will receive an email in their account 7-10 days after the requestor said the funds were needed by. 

Any club or individual that does not complete their funding request report by the end of each semester, according to SAFC standards, will have their funding ability frozen in the upcoming semester or until the FRR is completed.

Here’s the information you’ll need to have to ready:

  • An itemized breakdown of how the funds were spent. 
  • The number of funds that were leftover, if any. 
  • If there was a change to the request, why? 

For any questions, contact the Student Senate Treasurer at