Work Study Program

Work study is a financial-aid based program which provides funding for eligible students to work and earn a specific amount of money based on their financial need. If you wish to apply for a work study job opening, you must verify that work study is part of your financial aid award package. To see if you are eligible for work study:

If you are eligible, one of two options will be listed: “SWS eligibility” or “FWS eligibility.” If you do not see this, you have not been given work study. You can call Financial Aid (507.457.5090) to ask if you can be awarded work study; but you cannot apply for work study positions if you do not have this as part of your award package.

International students are not eligible for the work study program.

To be considered for work study, the first step is to file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Please visit Financial Aid to find out more about applying for work study and other types of financial aid.

For work study, you also need to know:
  • You may not split your work study award and work for more than one department to earn the award
  • You may hold a work study job and a student help job concurrently
  • Work study earnings are taxable
  • You will receive a paycheck for work study – it does not automatically get applied to your bill
  • Approximately 95 departments on campus hire work study employees
  • Three off-campus agencies hire WSU work study students
  • WSU’s Reading Tutor program funds a number of work study positions to assist elementary students in the Winona Area School District with reading and math tutoring

Work study job openings are posted on the Career Services website.