Graduate Assistantship

The graduate assistantship program provides funding for approximately 50-60 positions which are available to students who have been admitted to a graduate degree program at Winona State. These positions are categorized as teaching, research or staff assignments. 

Most GAs are hired for a full academic year (August through May) although some positions also include a summer assignment. 

The typical stipend amount is $5,000 per term (320 hours of work). 

Students who are granted an assistantship must be enrolled as follows, during each term of the assistantship:
  • Full-time GA:  at least 6 graduate credits
  • Part-time GA:  at least 3 graduate credits

Graduate assistants are typically paid a stipend and receive tuition reimbursement. However, not all positions are guaranteed both. Discuss this with your supervisor during your interview.

If tuition reimbursement is part of your GA package, during each term of the assistantship the GA typically receives:
  • If full-time, reimbursement for 6-9 graduate credits
  • If part-time, reimbursement for 3-4 graduate credits