Final Payroll Payment

When students leave their jobs at Winona State University, they are often unaware that they may have a final payroll payment coming to them.

It is important to check with your supervisor or look at the payroll schedule (PDF) to see if you have a pending payment. It is recommended that you not close the bank account to which your direct deposits are going until you have received your final student payroll payment. 

If you close your bank account before your final payment is deposited, the bank will reject the direct deposit and the payment will eventually come back to WSU.

Notice of the rejected payment will go to the WSU Student Accounts Office. You will be sent an email to let you know that Winona State University is attempting to deposit a payment for you, but you do not have active direct deposit information online.

At that point, you need to contact the Student Accounts Office to discuss options for receiving your final payment.