Closed Bank Account

Occasionally, students close bank accounts which they were using for direct deposit. If you do this and do not submit new bank account information, Winona State University will not be able to deposit any future financial aid disbursements or payroll payments for you.

This often happens when a student graduates or leaves WSU to attend another school, for example. However, if you still have outstanding payments coming to you, we will attempt to send them to your bank account though they will be rejected because your account is closed. 

If this happens and your bank “rejects” the direct deposit because they do not find an open account for you, the payment will come back to Winona State University. Please understand that this process could take up to a week to occur.

Notice of the rejected payment will go to the WSU Student Accounts Office. You will be sent an email to let you know that we are attempting to deposit a payment for you, but you do not have active direct deposit information online. You should go to Student eServices and set up or change your direct deposit information so the payment can be re-sent.

If you need further information or wish to speak with someone regarding a direct deposit you believe you should have received but didn’t, please contact Accounts Receivable or Student Payroll.