Changing Bank Account

Student employees often wish to change the bank account to which their payroll payments are being deposited. The process to change the direct deposit information is quite simple, but understanding the timing of the change is a bit more complex.

If you wish to change your bank account information, you do this online at the same site used to initially set up your direct deposit:
  1. Login to student eservices 
  2. Select Student Employment from the left-hand menu
  3. Select Direct Deposit and follow on-screen instructions

It is very important for you to know the timeline when student payroll payments are “locked,” regarding direct deposit each pay period. During payroll week, the week during which your time sheet must be submitted and approved, the Student Payroll Office will “process” and “finalize” the payroll. We typically process the time sheets on Wednesday (immediately following the last day of the pay period) and finalize the payroll on Thursday.

At the time we finalize payroll, your payment is locked to go to the direct deposit account you have on record  on that day.

 So, even though the pay date is not for another 8 days, any changes you make for direct deposit during those 8 days will not affect that payment. It will be sent to the bank account that was active on the date the payroll was finalized.