Inclusive Excellence Syllabus Statement

Faculty members are encouraged to include the following in their course syllabi.

Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

WSU recognizes that our individual differences can deepen our understanding of one another and the world around us, rather than divide us.

In this class, people of all ethnicities, genders and gender identities, religions, ages, sexual orientations, disabilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, regions, and nationalities are strongly encouraged to share their rich array of perspectives and experiences.

If you feel your differences may in some way isolate you from WSU’s community or if you have a need for any specific accommodations, please speak with the instructor early in the semester about your concerns and what we can do together to help you become an active and engaged member of our class and community.

If you or a friend has been a victim of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, you can talk to a trained, confidential advocate by calling 507.457.5610.

Reach out to the OASIS Advocacy Center for more information about your rights and resources.

Two good places to help you find resources of all kinds on campus are TRIO Student Support and the Equity & Inclusive Excellence Office. Both offices are dedicated to helping students of all racial, ethnic, economic, national, sexual, and gender identities.

They can facilitate tutoring and point you to a wide range of resources. If you have a mental, physical, or learning disability, the Access Services office can document it for your professors and facilitate accommodations.

If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation, please contact Access Services as soon as possible.

College can be very stressful. Counseling Services on both campuses are here to help you with a wide range of difficulties, ranging from sexual assault, depression, and grief after the loss of a loved one to stress management, anxiety, general adjustment to college, and many others.

If you or a friend experience gender-based violence (sexual assault, rape, dating/domestic violence, stalking, sexual harassment, harassment based on gender expression or nonconformity, stalking, cyber-stalking, etc.), the following people and organizations offer support and are not required to report to university officials. They will work with you to help you understand all your rights and options.

  • WSU Confidential Advocate: 507.457.2956
  • Advocacy Center of Winona Crisis Line: 507.452.4453
  • WSU Health, Counseling, and Wellness Services: 507.457.5160
To find out about web registration, placement tests, program requirements, and support tools to help students succeed, visit the Advising Services office and website for answers to all your questions!
  • On the Rochester campus, the UCR Learning Center provides help with both the development and the writing of papers.
  • On the Winona campus, for help with understanding the concepts of a particular class or understanding the requirements of an assignment, Tutoring Services offers three types of tutoring: drop-in appointments, 1-on-1 tutoring, and group sessions. You can visit them in Krueger Library 220 or schedule a session online
  • For help specifically with writing and the development of papers, the English department has a Writing Center that is staffed by trained graduate students pursuing their Master’s degree in English. The Writing Center is located in Minné Hall 348. You can make an appointment on the sign-up sheet on the door or call 457.5505.