Strategic Planning at WSU

Strategic planning at WSU involves several components that inform and reinforce each other.

Strategic Framework

The Strategic Framework provides a broad planning strategy which transforms our foundational values into planning goals:

  • Student Learning
  • Student Success
  • Stewards of Place and Resources
  • Inclusive Excellence
  • Relationships

Strategic Plans

The Strategic Plans are area-specific operational plans which are constructed from the Strategic Framework goals.


The 5 Ps

Our priorities can be summed up as 5Ps.


  • civility and diversity
  • a more hospitable campus climate
  • better communication with and amongst our faculty, staff, and students


  • keeping our current academic programs strong while exploring new program offerings that are relevant and responsive
  • great student life opportunities,
  • the integration of learning experiences


  • keeping WSU affordable by controlling costs


  • enhancing the beauty of this already beautiful campus and sharing our arboretum
  • modeling sustainability
  • making the river an inextricable part of us
  • being fully engaged in the community
  • striking the balance between Winona being Winona and Rochester being Rochester


  • realizing our distinctiveness and excellence
  • telling our story
  • revitalizing existing traditions
  • creating new traditions that fuel our mission

Our mission is to be a community of learners improving our world.

From that mission emerges our foundational values: the 5 Ps, which are People, Programs, Price, Place, and Pride.

All that we hope to do and accomplish at Winona State University should be embedded in these foundational values.