Student Life & Development

Welcome to Winona State University! “A Community of Learners.....Improving Our World” is the tagline at WSU which suggests we are a community of game changers.

A community open to “ah-ha” moments that transform the way students think about and subsequently approach ordinary things.

Pathways for Our Students

Student Life & Development professionals at Winona State University are dedicated to providing services that create pathways for all students to pursue big ideas. The goal is to work together to transform the ordinary to exceptional through full utilization of campus resources. Among the happiest days ever, will be the completion of graduation requirements and commencement day.

It is possible on your educational journey for you to experience a connection between the curricular and co-curricular activities. Moments that can alter the lens in which you view the world, sparking a passion to make your best better.

Open Doors

Our doors are open and we welcome the opportunity to learn more about our students. If you have an idea, an accomplishment to celebrate, a concern to raise or an issue to explore, we are here for you.

Through education, life experiences, connections, and dreaming big a community of learners can change the world.

Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Life

The Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Life is located in Maxwell. The office provides leadership for a comprehensive array of student life and enrollment management services and guides efforts to create a holistic learning environment for students - an environment that is connected both to the classroom and life outside it.