WSU RTTR Internships


The RTTR internship experience is designed to provide an opportunity for students to make the change from classroom to RTTR settings.

Within the structured environment of a university approved agency/site and under the direct supervision of a university approved professional, the student receives guidance in transitioning from the academic setting to the role of an employee in a “real life” worksite.

RTTR Internship Locations

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Recreation Tourism Interns

  • RTTR 397-02: 12 credits/600 hours (15 consecutive weeks)
  • Placement under the supervision of a qualified recreation specialist
  • P/NC only

Therapeutic Recreation Interns

  • RTTR 399-02: 12 credits/600 hours (15 consecutive weeks)
  • Placement under the supervision of a qualified CTRS (PDF)
  • P/NC only


  • Senior standing in the RTTR major
  • Completion of all required RTTR core courses with a minimum grade of a C
  • 2.50 GPA overall as it appears in DARS


(RTTR 398 / 3 credits)

Practicum in Recreation/Therapeutic Recreation Syllabus (PDF)

The practicum in the field of Recreation Tourism and Therapeutic Recreation offers students the chance to explore one of the many career paths for which an education in RTTR prepares them.

A practicum provides an experiential education for students to further their professional development by immersing themselves into the career path of their choice.

  • Practicum Requirements
    • 100 hours
  • Prerequisites:
    • Students majoring in RT and/or TR
      • RTTR 229: Foundations of Recreation and Leisure Studies
      • RTTR 245: Therapeutic Recreation and Services
    • Other students:
      • Permission of the RTTR practicum coordinator
      • RTTR practicums may be repeated once, for credit, at a different site
  • Possible Practicum Opportunities
    • Potential Winona Practicum sites can be found outside Dr. Ardovino's office.

  • Contact:
    Dr. Patricia Ardovino
    Faculty Internship/Practicum Coordinator
    Memorial 116