Tutoring Services

Do you need help with a paper? Are you struggling to grasp a concept in a particular class? The Learning Center provides support you need to succeed in all your classes from entry level to doctorate courses in a variety of subject areas.  

Tutors work with you to understand the material thoroughly, taking into consideration your learning style and cultural background. The goal is for each student to improve their critical thinking skills so they can achieve the highest levels of academic, personal and professional achievement.

Details on area topics and Learning Center hours are available on the on the RCTC website.

Tutoring Opportunities with WSU-Winona

The Learning Center also works in collaboration with the WSU Tutoring Center, located in Winona, MN. The WSU Tutoring Center provides numerous online resources for tutoring support. Tutor.com and LinkedIn Learning are two popular options.  

If you need specific tutoring or are interested in becoming a tutor, contact the Student and Campus services office at 507.285.7100 or email at WSURStudentServices@winona.edu.