An arial view of WSU Main Campus in Winona, MN in winter

Why Resilience Matters

Everyone will face some challenges to well-being and thriving throughout their lives. Learning to work through these challenges is necessary but also offers a powerful opportunity for enhancing personal growth.

However, college is a challenging endeavor. Students sometimes have trouble dealing with the wealth of day-to-day challenges they face. They may become overwhelmed, experience high degrees of psychological distress, develop difficulty in relationships, or struggle to effectively solve problems of daily living. Students may stop attending class or even drop out entirely.

This is counterpoint to the purpose of WSU as an academic institution. Not only are students stymied in their emotional and personal development but faculty and staff aren't able to fulfill their jobs without students to teach and provide with services.

Thus, creating an academic environment that strengthens resilience can help our campus community:

  • meet the demands of their academic/work and personal lives successfully
  • take action to deal with challenges, problems and setbacks
  • seek support and assistance when needed
  • know when to stop, rest and replenish inner resources
  • have a sense of independence, self-efficacy and self-worth
  • form and maintain positive, mutually-respectful relationships with others
  • have a sense of purpose and goals for the future
  • be less prone to anxiety and depression
  • persist and grow despite stress