Public Health Degrees at WSU

Public Health is about promoting and improving the health of individuals and communities.

That’s why, as a Public Health major at Winona State, students’ education goes beyond the classroom and into the community for real, experience-based learning.

Essential Work with Critical Need

Public health is all about protecting and maintaining people’s health by:

  • detecting and controlling disease outbreaks
  • taking action to ensure that people live in safe and healthy environments
  • providing access to high-quality and affordable healthcare services

Public health is a broad field of study that merges art and science. No matter their specialty, public health professionals all have one mission in common: to ensure the ways we live, work, and play are healthy and safe.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and many Baby Boomers retiring, there has never been a greater demand for public health professionals.

Flexible Programs & Career Paths for Public Health Majors

WSU offer degrees in four areas of public health so you can shape your career to follow your dream.

Become a communicator, an educator, a researcher, an administrator--it's all possible at Winona State.

Community Health

If you are creative, open-minded and like working with people, a major in Community Health could be just right for you.

Explore Community Health


The Epidemiology major is for the problems-solvers, the logical thinkers. If you think data is key to preventing pandemics, then a career in Epidemiology is right for you.

Explore Epidemiology

Health Administration

If you are a natural leader who can keep your cool in challenging situations, you might be a future Health Administrator. See if the Health Administration major is right for you.

Explore Health Administration


Do you think food and nutrition is essential for healthy living? Do you have your heart set on becoming a registered dietician or nutritionist?

Then a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition is the perfect next step for your career.

Explore Nutrition

Kickstart Your Public Health Career

WSU is the only public university that offers Public Health undergraduate degrees in the state of Minnesota.

This means that students who want to pursue a career in this field can get the education they need in a cost-effective way and be ready to enter the workforce in entry-level public health positions.

But if you want to earn graduate credit and prepare for management positions, we have an option perfect for you.

You can take classes that count toward both your undergraduate degree at WSU and a Master’s of Public Health (MPH) degree at St. Ambrose University.

This approach allows students to complete an MPH in less time than traditional graduate programs.