Students look at research data on a computer.

Research at the WSU Psychology Department

One of the outstanding features of the Psychology Department at WSU is that undergraduates have opportunities to become involved in research.

Highlights of the research done at the WSU Psychology Department include:

  • A neurological lab that allows students to use equipment and learn techniques usually limited to graduate students
  • Research on health behaviors and lifestyle choices of undergraduates
  • Research on psychological side-effects of pharmaceuticals (using animal models for depression and anxiety)
  • Studies on chronic or genetic childhood disorders and the impact they have on family members
  • Clinical research on aggression and father-son relationships
  • A cognitive lab studying perceptions of pleasant and unpleasant event

You can see more about the research interests and accomplishments of individual faculty members on their biography pages.

For information on how to get involved in research please see the Research Opportunities page.

Some recent student research projects can be found on the Student Research page.