Internship Placement Sites

The major focus of the PSY 404: Internship course is to provide work-related learning opportunities for psychology majors in a non-classroom setting. Types of internship sites include:

  • Human services where students work with client populations with mental illness or disabilities in drop-in, day or living settings, planning and assisting with care and activities.
  • Educational Settings where students work with school psychologists or school counselors, helping plan and carry out educational services, working with children in the school system.
  • Non-profits where students work with organizations that provide services to the community, such as  working with abused women, working to integrate individuals into the community, providing services to people in need and working with children in mentoring settings.
  • Data-based or research internships where students work with offices or businesses on research and data-based projects such as assessing needs, programs or program assessment.

Students have recently completed internships at a variety of locations including:

  • Arcadia High School
  • Family and Children’s Center
  • Fastenal
  • Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center
  • Miller Mentoring
  • Project Compass
  • St. Anne’s Nursing Home
  • Various offices at WSU
  • Von Wald Group Home
  • Winona Area Public Schools