Frequently Asked Questions

WSU tuition for graduate students is currently $339/credit, which means that the complete 36-credit PSM program will cost around $12,213.

Additionally, there will be textbooks and miscellaneous fees that typically cost up to several hundred dollars per semester.

Employers may provide tuition support if your graduate degree enhances the goals of the organization. Financial aid may also be available.

A full-time load for graduate studies is typically 9 credits per semester. Thus, a full-time student could complete the program in two academic years. The following scenarios illustrate a few examples of how a student may progress through the WSU PSM:

Scenario 1: You are a full-time graduate student and enroll in an average of 9 credit hours each semester. The first academic year (fall and spring) would focus on completing the professional skills sequence, some of the core scientific courses, and planning your capstone experience. The second academic year would include the completion of the core scientific coursework and the capstone experience. For the exceptionally motivated student, some of the coursework and capstone experience could be completed in the summer semester. This route is most appropriate for students who will not be working while completing their degree.

Scenario 2: You will remain employed and enroll as a part-time student. Remember that this is ideally a work-learn-earn graduate program. Many students work with their graduate committee to design a curriculum that meshes with their professional obligations and responsibilities. With some careful planning and the help of your graduate committee we can guide you to completion of your degree in about 3 years.

Scenario 3: Current undergraduate students may qualify to expedite the completion of their PSM degree by earning graduate credits as they complete their undergraduate degree requirements. With careful planning, students may be able accelerate the completion of their undergraduate and PSM degrees. This option is a great opportunity improve your ability to compete in today’s job market or increase your prospects for additional graduate and professional degree programs.

Students with Children: Graduate students with children may wish to enroll their kids in the WSU Children’s Center. This provides an option for affordable, convenient, and reliable child care while you pursue your degree.

For more information about applying to the PSM program, please contact us at

We will begin accepting applications in early 2013. Please contact us at for application deadlines for the upcoming semester.
A Graduate Committee consists of a Chair and three others who guide you in designing your PSM program. Your committee will advise you in course selection, supervise your capstone experience, and provide professional mentorship. Your committee will help you attain your professional goals.

Typically, the committee will include 2-3 graduate faculty members from WSU, as well as an industry representative. The industry representative provides grounding and insight into the needs of working professionals and also provides a connection to industry that can help connect you with research, internship, and career opportunities.  

Upon admission the PSM Program, the PSM director will help you identify potential committee members. 
Please contact the current PSM Director:
Dr. Scott Segal

For information about the various academic departments and faculty participating in the WSU PSM please refer to the Program Description page.