Physics Club students at a museum

The Physics Club at Winona State

Anyone interested in physics can join the club.  The club participates in several trips throughout the year.  One of these trips is to the UW-La Crosse’s Distinguished Lecture Series.  Another is to the University of Minnesota’s Van Vleck Lecture.  In the past, both lectures have had Nobel Prize winners presenting their current research.  The biggest trip that the club takes is to one of two destinations:  either to Chicago to visit FermiLab and Argonne National Lab or to the University of Minnesota and the further north to the Soudan Mine where the far detector for the MINOS experiment is located as well as the Cold Dark Matter Search. 
For inquiries about the club please contact Club President (contact information on the right of this page) or Club Advisor.

You are also encouraged to join the Winona State Physics Club Facebook group