Vacuum Bazooka

Examples of Past Student Research Projects

  • Orbit of Water Droplets in Zero-g
  • Rail Gun Project:  Test and Development
  • Two Dimensional Photonic Crystal Analysis (Done at Georgia Tech)
  • Modeling transport in carbon nanotori (Done at Florida A&M University)
  • The Physics of Entanglement (Done at Indiana University)
  • Labview for Device Control and Data Acquisition (Done at Experimental Impact Facility at NASA – Johnson Space Center)
  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Solar Cell Research
  • The Range of electron-neutrino masses available to beta decay:  A theoretical approach
  • Simulation of an N-body system interacting via the gravitational force
  • X-Ray Scatter Imaging Micro-Acrhitectural Features not seen in CT (Done at the Mayo Clinic)
  • Modeling the Unidirectional Spin of a Rattleback
  • The Influence of Zwitterionic Lipids on the Electrostatic Adsorption of Macroions onto Mixed Lipid Membranes (Done at North Dakota State University)
  • Rutherford Back Scattering Analysis of Oxidation of CoMnO Coated Steel (Done at Montana State University)
  • Physics of Vacuum Bazookas
  • Electrically Induced Magnetic Fields:  A Consistent Approach