Physics Department Facilities

The Physics Department has a student lounge (PA 116) where physics majors can study and work together.  This room is also used for tutoring. 
For research, the department has a range of equipment and we have the ability to build other equipment as well. 
We also have two rooms dedicated to Research, SLC 162 and 164.

 Research Room in SLC

The Atomic Force Microscope can be used to detect sub-micrometer sized surface features on solids.

Atomic Force Microscope

The Scanning Electron Microscope can be used to get micrometer sized surface features on samples.

 Scanning Electron Microscope

A recently acquired, high quality optics bench and equipment can be used for a variety of purposes, one of which is the essentials of an atom trap.

A Cloud Chamber can be used to view elementary particle motion.

A Computational Cluster is maintained by the department to support all our computing needs.