Andrew Ferstl, Ph.D.


Office:  146 Pasteur

Phone:  (507) 457 5863


Course web page:



Courses Taught

Since I was trained to be a physicist, I am capable of teaching all the physics courses taught at WSU. I have had experience with the introductory physics classes (such as University Physics [221 and 222]) all the way up to the senior level courses (such as Quantum Mechanics [Phys 451]). I have also taught a class on General Relativity at WSU. In addition, I am interested in science education in general so I participate in the teaching and coordination of Science Education 201 and 203. For a list of current courses that I am teaching, please see my course website

Research Interest

My current interest lies in the very basic understanding of nature:  elementary particle physics.  It is essentially the application of particle physics to answer cosmologically motivated questions.  Specifically, I am studying a model of particle physics that predicts the existence of a particle that could solve the Dark Matter question.  You may visit for a daily listing of new research papers in physics.  You may also search this website for the papers that I have published in the last few year.


I am also interested in physics education research. 


Current & Past Research Projects


What do I do besides physics

Although "physics is fun", I do enjoy other activities such as:  mountain biking, volleyball (sand or hard court), and spending time with my family.