Dr. Andrew Ferstl


PhD, Physics - University of Minnesota, 2000
BS, Physics and Mathematics - University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1993


My doctoral research involved understanding the basic building blocks of nature: elementary particles. In particular, it included the application of particle physics to answer cosmologically motivated questions, such as determining the nature of dark matter using extensions of the Standard Model of Particle Physics.

Visit the arXiv archive through Cornell University for my manuscripts and a daily listing of new research papers in physics.

My recent research focuses on student interests and include theoretical, experimental, and computational physics as well as engineering design projects.

I grew up on a dairy farm, double majored in mathematics and physics at UW-Madison, and graduated with my doctoral degree in physics from the University of Minnesota. I have been a professor at Winona State University since 2000, and I thoroughly enjoy working with students to challenge them to reach their full potential.

I have been involved in many aspects of the University, including advising student clubs (Physics and Mountain Biking) and leadership roles (Chair of Department and Chair of numerous University committees). Outreach is another of my favorite roles, as I plan Science Fun Nights at local schools and participate as a judge in science fairs and robotics competitions.

In addition, I enjoy the outdoors, am an avid volleyball player, and bike almost daily. Ask me about my cross-country bike trip through the Cascade Mountains and Glacier National Park.