Parking Services

The WSU Parking Services team aims to make parking on campus convenient for everyone. However, parking can be challenging at times due to the variety of campus activities.

Please be responsible as a parking patron and drive safely through campus. All vehicles should be locked and valuables removed when left unattended.

Parking at WSU-Rochester is monitored and maintained by RCTC. Visit the RCTC website for more information regarding parking services in Rochester.

Parking Maps

Here are maps of the parking lots on the WSU campus in Winona:

Parking Permits

You need a parking permit to park in campus parking lots year-round—except when Summer Parking rules are in effect.

There are specific permit options for motorcycles and mopeds.

Permit applications open on May 1.

More Transportation Options

Driving isn’t the only way to get to campus or around town. In Winona, there are many transportation options including:

The WSU-Rochester campus is a regular stop on the Rochester Public Transit routes, which make it a convenient option for many students and employees.