Student Loan Repayment

Repaying your student loans is often the most daunting steps in the financial aid process. However, loan repayment can be made simpler when you have the right knowledge, tools and resources in place.

WhichWay has an entire section of articles, videos and calculators available to help you understand the best strategy for repaying your student loans. Create your WhichWay account to take advantage of these resources.

Additionally, the Department of Education provides students and families with in-depth knowledge on the repayment process, timeline, payment plans, discharge and forgiveness as well as Exit Loan Counseling.

Know How Much You Owe

In order understand the repayment of your student loans, you have to know how much you have borrowed and who you need to pay back.

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) provides students with an overview of their federal student loan balances and loan servicers. Your loan servicer is the company that handles the billing and collection of your federal student loans on behalf of the Department of Education.

Once you have identified your respective loan servicer(s), you can set-up your online account to view and manage the repayment of your loans.